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25.11.2010 19:00
User Agreement
General rules and informing

The punishments with or without holidays is at the initiative of the administration and the been violated rules.

Day time periods of the punishment is at the initiative of the administration and the been violated rules.

In case of a new rule lack situation, it won’t be take criminal action until creating a new rule.

The user is responsible for behaviors that occurred in case of the game; made trade in according to the rules, conflicts, a regular attack, messages without insulting, provocation, threat to the game and / or materials and so on.

The user’s name can not be changed later. The changing can not be requested from the administration. The administration keep the right to changing secret.

The users connected country cannot be changed later; it cannot be request for changing.

Users in the deleting or not deleting mode account, that are deleted after a period, sc. after the deletion for a long time inactive account, and rights can not be claim. This operation is the user’s responsibility. The account deletion system is automatic, but operating against the game sc. advertisement, the misuse and attrition of the administration etc. in such cases, the administration reserves the right to delete accounts.

Player accounts are under the own responsibility.

If you’ve forgotten your password or for any reason it isn’t possible to login to your account; you can use the option the "Forgot Password’’ from the home page. The problems of inaccessibility to the Email address remains with the user. When you think that there is any error you can let us know from the support system in the game. In the game is the player responsible for the hacking/ stealing and other problems caused by the situations.

The player is responsible for protecting his/ her email and passwords in according with the security of the global character.

Any loss or damage because of the error soft(ware) is covered by the administration.

The multi is forbidden. The Administration is involved with this matter. The players do not have to report it.

Managing the other player's accounts is included within the scope of the multi, the mutual fleet movements can be hindered through the automatic multi-barrier. If there is no error, the player does not need to report them.

Although the Administration has the right to read the player messages, when not reported it has the right to take criminal action against to illegal messages.

The Administration is able to interfere in injustice/ unfair profit or at any similar situations to any user, he/ she can be completely removed from NovaGame or if the situation is not be open to interpretation, it has the right to realize the sanction it deems appropriate to the user.

Players are responsible about unknown or unreported details. Therefore, players have not entitle to any amends.

NovaGame are guaranteed 99,7% activeness within the World standards. It isn’t responsible for a very short time taken or within the prohibition of attacks planned outages. Nevertheless by considering the state can be relief.

In case of updating the rules, from the time the user is updated, he/ she is responsible for the current rules.

In not exceeding rule situations there won’t be made any operation.

Accounting rules

The names of members that contains opprobrium, swearing, political terms, political, religious and organization names is forbidden.

Illegal use of period of punishment is between [ 1 - ∞ ] days.

In accounts, opened for advertisement or normal accounts; in any way is the advertising of another site completely forbidden. If it seems by the authority the unjust criminal case will be the matter. The discussed content that is sent to advertise or for purposive sharing is completely in the humaneness of the Administration. The user cannot make a claim on this matter.

Illegal use of punishment is between [ 1 - ∞ ] days.

Multi play (multi), cracking the fleet and other unfair profit are under inclusive of account rules and the reason for punishment.

Illegal use of punishment is between [ 1 - ∞ ] days.

At Nova Game is the sale of the account strictly forbidden. If it is heard that the accounts have sold or referenced is the closing of the accounts in question.

Illegal use of punishment is between [ 20 - ∞ ] days.

In-game errors

The user is responsible for reporting in-game errors. He/she is fail to inform the known crime to competent authority.

Illegal use of punishment is between [ 20 - ∞ ] days.

The user does not have the right to expect a provision because of the reported errors. If it is required by the Administration the user will reward.

Illegal use of punishment is between [ 1 - 1 ] days.

In case the user misuses the soft error, that person maybe completely removed from Nova Game.

Illegal use of punishment is between [ 1 - ∞ ] days.

Administrative notification rules

Notifications only realized to the management support system. Support system is forbidden other than those communications of all kinds.

Illegal use of punishment is between [ 1 - 1 ] days.

In the game; e.g bug (error) reporting; payment notification; soft errors and other contents, other than the support system, are forbidden to share with the forum and players.

Illegal use of punishment is between [ 1 - 5 ] days.

Unnecessary, insulting statements which implying wantonness is forbidden.

Illegal use of punishment is between [ 1 - ∞ ] days.

Administration, excepts the same respect from the players such as notifications.
Because of this reason in the communications with administration, (style) disorder and informal correspondence is strictly forbidden.

Illegal use of punishment is between [ 1 - 5 ] days.

The administration may not respond to unnecessary notices. Insistence on this issue within the user is responsible for the punishment itself.

Illegal use of punishment is between [ 1 - 1 ] days.

In-game behavior

Insult, all the unwanted messages like stylistic disorder is forbidden. If the state is reported it will be required by the administration. The point of view during the examine, the situation of the uncomfortable feel of the opposite side and this issue completely belongs to the administration, the user isn’t authorized to.any claims or reviews.

Illegal use of punishment is between [ 1 - ∞ ] days.

Messages, that containing political term, political, religious, and organizational names; the questioning, praising or denigrated organizations or beliefs is forbidden in the game.

Illegal use of punishment is between [ 1 - ∞ ] days.

Any society propaganda messages or messages containing insults or praise of that society is forbidden.

Illegal use of punishment is between [ 1 - ∞ ] days.

Chapters, the user is responsible to change the name fields, like planet, the alliance, month names. These fields are also responsible for the ingame behavior rules.

Illegal use of punishment is between [ 1 - ∞ ] days.

NovaGame tarayıcı tabanlı bir oyundur ve ogame hayranı bir klondur.