Somethings are happening to Nova Universes!
My respectable Emperor!

I have got an important new for you... Some time ago, a huge star explosion occurred! And we could not believe to what we see!

Black hole occured as a result of explosion and this hole indicates a new universe!

Other advisors term "Nova 4" to this universe... This is a great opportunity for us to announce the name of our empire my respectable emperor.

New universe features I learned;

Fleet Speed: x1,
Rawmaterial Rate: x1,
Production Rate: x1,
Maximum Planet: 21,
Bonus Systems: Available (Fleet purchase etc.),
Galaxy: 9:999:9,
Fleet Ruin: 35%,
Defense Ruin: 35%,
Opening Date: 03.02.03 - 16.00 GMT+2

According to received reports; will be given a chance to pass through the hole at 29 January 2013 Tuesday 16:00(GMT+2)! If we make benefit of this pre-accession process, it is effective in spreading our reputation!

When the time comes, we will start to move by order of you.

With your permission!

Your valuable consultant;
Commander Nova

NovaGame tarayıcı tabanlı bir oyundur ve ogame hayranı bir klondur.

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